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I’m New!

Welcome to Hope!

Hope is a church for anyone. We’ve always been inclusive and intentional about welcoming everyone who comes out. Whether it is your first visit, or you’ve been a part of our church family for years, we want you to know that you matter to us and that we’re glad you’re here.

When you arrive at Hope, you’ll find greeters at both the front and back doors ready to welcome you and give you any information you might need. We know the courage it takes to walk into an unfamiliar church building and want to do everything we can to ease that process. So make yourself at home and be sure to let us know if there’s anything you need.

We’re not ultimately trying to convince you to become a part of our church family – although we’d love it if you were led to do that. What we really want is for each person to know our amazing Savior and to follow His direction for their life. If you’re looking for a church, we want to do all we can to help you on your journey and to be as encouraging and uplifting as we can while you’re with us. Whether you wind up as a part of our church or not, people matter to us. And we pray that it will be crystal clear that God has a redeeming plan for every mistake, mess, and hurt in your life.

There are a few basics for anyone who wants to be a part of a church family and ours is no exception. In order to truly be a part of Hope, you need to show up, sacrifice, and serve. Those things happen over time as you’re convinced that this is the church home for you. But it is essential that everyone join together in those basic roles so that we can be fully effective in our part of the work for God’s Kingdom. And that’s ultimately why we exist – so that together, we can do great things for the cause of Jesus Christ. So join us and let’s see what God has in store for Hope!


From North (via I-295):

Take I-295 S to exit 24A for NJ-45 S towards Woodbury. Follow NJ-45 S for approximately 2 miles. Turn Right onto Delaware St. Turn Left onto S Warner St. Hope Christian Fellowship is located at the corner of S Warner St and King St.

From South (via NJ-77):

Take NJ-77 N until it merges into NJ-45 N. Follow NJ-45 N for approximately 8 miles. Turn Left onto High St. Turn Left onto S Jackson St, and then immediately Turn Right onto High St. Turn Left onto S Warner St. Hope Christian Fellowship is located at the corner of S Warner St and King St.