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We’re called a “Fellowship” for a reason!

As a church family, we love to get together and we are always excited to invite others. The calendar has lots of info on the events coming up – and we’ve even highlighted a few on our home page! Mark these on YOUR calendars and make sure you don’t miss a minute of what’s coming.


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Hope Notes 12/13/17

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Dear Friends of Hope,
Not so long ago, I read a devotion by Rachael Olsen that struck a chord with me.  She said, “God gives gifts that are eternal.  He gave the gift of love by sending us a baby in a manger.  He gave the gift of truth by giving us our teacher, Jesus. He gave the gift of eternal life through the crucified and risen Christ.”  We, of course, can never give any gift that would compare to those.  We can never out-give God! Nor will we ever receive any gift that means more or has more impact on our lives. But as I began to mull this over, I realized something.  These gifts that God has given us are meant to be shared.  In fact, we are actually commanded to share the gift of love.  In John 15:12 Jesus says, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”  As I’m …

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